Important Soft Skills That Your ATS Screening Can Never Predict

Executive Summary

Digitalization has created a huge impact on all industry verticals leading to increasing demands for skilled resources. Each job type demanding specific skill sets, impel the recruitment team across organizations, to improvise their hiring strategies. Hence, recruiters currently aim towards an agile hiring process with some amount of automation to drive it seamlessly and efficiently.

For a company to thrive in today’s competitive environment, it must hire resources with the right skillset and cultural orientation. To ensure such a flawless recruitment process, recruiters started depending upon the applicant tracking systems (ATS). This system can track as well as analyze a candidate’s profile to determine its suitability within the company database. This saves time and enhances the efficiency of the recruitment process by scanning bulk job applications and categorizing them effectively for the recruiter to consider and move forward with. Based on the organizational requirement, an ATS can be either simple or complex catering to the unique needs of a company’s hiring structure.