The New Operating System for Talent
Assessment Is Here


Humans deserve a better way to present their talent. Verified video interviews enable not only the candidate but also the evaluator to have a 10X better experience. Video saves effort and time and brings radical efficiency in the talent supply chain. Video enables diversity and accuracy in hiring through collaborative and informed decision making.


Get a video stream of interested and qualified candidates: Shortlisted video-profiles delivered to your dashboard every hour.

Video Streaming

Stream on any device on any browser any where in the world.

Video Editing

Our expert editors cut all the unnecessary part of video to make sure your experience is amazing.


Do not want to watch the whole video. Navigate to specific sections with ease. All videos are tagged to the questions discussed during the interview helping you identify your interest area quickly.


Share it with anyone- Secure Public URL. Privately on email. Viewer on other side can watch the video profile in without signing up.


Share a different variant with every client . Change the fields and position the candidate as per your choice.

Tracking The Engagement

Track how much time people are spending on shared candidate video profile. Receive the intent right inside the video profile.

Candidate Video Sharing

To ensure candidate is in the loop and approves all the request to watch his her video interview.

Hide/Show Profile

Candidate can hide show his video profile as per his interest and availability.


Crowdsourced assessment intelligence: get access to assessment capabilities of 1000s of experts across the globe under one single platform. All scoring rubrics and assessments are designed by these experts.

2.5K+ Verified Interviewers

Live database of verified interviewers and their skill sets on tap! Find the perfect interviewer based on 50+ attributes such as employment background, technology stack expertise, or people hired in the past

A Structured Interview Process With Proven Scoring Rubrics Blue Prints

Scientific. Robust. Tried and Tested. Objective. Data informed.

Unique Interviewers Assessment Styles

Get access to unique interview styles on every possible tech skill published by 1000s of global experts.

Robust Skill Based Assessment Libraries

Real coding challenges question library for all skills and seniority level to let you choose aptly.

Readymade Base-Code-Skeleton

To save candidate time we provide already written code snippets. Empty-Code-Blocks are provided where the candidate has to code for the requirement.

Dedicated Cloud Environment for Each Candidate

Built-in Project Template- Loaded with all tools and software, candidates need to complete the real world talent assessment.

Intelligent Interviewer Selection

Easily diversify interview panels. Decrease Unconscious Bias. Increase the chance of underrepresented members making it through the process.

Embedded Cloud IDE

Compiler for all programming languages.


Scheduling and completing interviews with the right candidates can be very taxing and time consuming task. Outsource your Resume screen, Phone screen, Scheduling, Calendar booking, Finding interviewers, Managing reschedules, and cancellations.

Interview Orchestration

Over 120 pre-defined functions to manage complex tasks and workflows. Automated configuration, management, and coordination of the end-to-end interview process.

Scheduling automation with Flawless Time Zone Management

Candidate driven scheduling. From sending invite to picking time slots for the interview and everything in between. Have the candidate show ownership.

Reminders, Rescheduling, Intuitive Calendar Integrations

Auto reminders – emails, messages, calls. Seamless rescheduling options and automatic calendar integrations.

Seamless Communication

No need for manual coordination at the last minute. Direct communication between candidate and interviewers in a secured manner with privacy controls.

Contingency Interviewers to Ensure 99.99% Completion Rate

5 levels of contingency/ backup interviewer option to ensure guaranteed completion of interviews on the scheduled date and time.

Easy Call

One click access to anyone in the world. Just hit the call button and there you go.

Pre and Post interview Chat

Chat with candidates about their preferences, collect documents in a seamless way.

Data Encryption

Unique userID. Secure hosting. Multi factor and role driven authentication at every stage of data access.

De-duplication of candidate records

Prevent candidate from attending multiple interviews through different staffing agencies.

Security and Authentication During Interview

Voice Biometric. ID Verification. Human Proctoring. Remote secure desktop.

Post Interview Quality Control

Stringent Quality control on Video Quality, Hands-on coding, candidate experience and 20+ other parameters are checked before sharing the shortlisted candidate videos

Voice Sentiment and Text Analysis to Ensure Compliance

Every word of the interview is analyzed to ensure no personal or confidential information is been discussed.

API Access and 3rd Party Integrations

SAML. SSO. Webhooks. Unlimited integrations.


Define the expected success ratio and corresponding stakeholder at every stage of talent assessment process and measure their progress against the real numbers

Interview Planner

Define the expected success ratio and corresponding stakeholder at every stage of talent assessment process and measure their progress against the real numbers.

Seamless communication and collaboration

Send personalized interview requests to the strongest candidates, gain consensus across your team, and secure hires- all within few hours

All meetings in one place

Track every interview – number scheduled, times when scheduled, pending lists.

Pause, Resume Recruitment (Skill) Channels Anytime

Pause the skill channel anytime and system will ensure all scheduled interviews get cancelled automatically.

Showcase Your Employer Branding

Leave your candidates with a positive experience of your employer brand. Fully brand every aspect of your application process, from your logo to custom background images. Your new hires will feel like they already know you.

Redo and Re-Evaluate and Decision Review

Candidate or recruiters can ask for redoing the interview if they are not satisfied with the evaluation process.

Exemplary Candidate Experience

See the candidate feedback right inside the dashboard. If the candidate reports a non-satisfactory experience, provide a Redo and Reevaluate functionality.

Screen Using Dedicated Recruitment Experts That Use Selectability and Joinability Filters

Our team finds out serious and motivated candidates and does the necessary handholding to complete interviews smoothly.

Dedicated Success Manager


Using AI to define an overall Candidate Business fit score. Just being technically good is not enough as the candidate has to be a right fit for the project and for the organization.

Weighted Average Scoring Rubrics

Our expert interviewers and recruiters measure the candidate fitment on all the important parameters.

Questions Discussed

Complete transparency to ensure that you are aware of all the questions that were asked during the interview.

A.I. Based Sentiment Analysis

Get the insights on candidate emotions during the interview using both face and speech analysis.

Real-Time Joinability Insights

Measure candidate behaviour- time to schedule, no. of attempts, engagement post selection and many other parameters and accurately predict the joinability of candidate.

Detailed Technical Observations

Get technical insights about the candidate. Coding style, Thinking style, Problem solving, Strength areas, Improvisation areas.

Audio Feedback

Audio feedback brings the human touch and enriches the quality of feedback. It allows you to understand not just technical observations but also the feelings of interviewers about candidate.

A.I. Based Match-Making

Match candidates on verified data points and their true preference.

Track the Complete Funnel

Get process approvals (hiring managers, clients) and feedback right inside the platform.

Waste Management

Auto detection of filtered candidates wastage in the funnel. Forceful updates and automatic push to the common pool.

Correction ‘Loops’

Data from all stakeholders in one place to learn and iterate constantly.


Make the best hiring decisions with actionable analytics and insights.


How many interviews completed. How many cancelled. Top performing recruiters. Recruitment funnel.

Interview Leaderboard

interview leaderboard allows you to identify the interviewers with higher accuracy rates and positive candidate feedback.

Search Based on Verified Database

Apply filters which are linked to verified database to ensure you get accurate information.

All Priority View

Want to audit the interviews, Get access to all details including meeting links. Just click on the link and get into the interview anytime.

Select Priority View

It’s the selected candidates that matters. That’s why we have created a separate view.

Common Pool

Reuse the candidates from one project to another and increase the chances of monetizing.

Account View, Project View

Knit together the stats and other details at project and at the account level.

Excel in Excel out

We understand your love for excel. Just press export to excel and receive all the details in the format that you like.