Is Poor EQ of Your ATS Costing You the Right Talent

Executive Summary

Application Tracking Systems can process hundreds of applications in a matter of hours. They also promise to pick the “perfect” candidate. That should be making the recruiting managers smile with a sense of pride in job well-done and the hiring managers delighted with their teams brimming with talent. Right? No, hiring is not working to according to this dream script.

No, hiring is not working to according to this dream script

What’s Going Awry?

It’s true that the ATS software is highly advanced and very intelligent. It does evaluate hundreds of CVs and shortlists suitable candidates for you. But still, the candidate may not turn out to be the star you expected. The reason is simple: ATS merely processes the CVS, it doesn’t evaluate them for soft skills. If you define the expected qualifications like educational, experience, location, etc., in the parameters’ boxes of the software, the ATS scan the CVS and pull up the ones that match the set parameters. The candidate may still be not the right employee, because they may not have the essential soft skills.

The hitch is people with soft skills are hard to find and a problem that echoes round many companies. Recruitment managers constantly hear hiring managers chanting “let’s get some right types. “If the challenge is not resolved, repercussions will tell on organizational performance in the long-term and attract C-Level frowns in the short-term.