April 2016

Risebird’s idea was conceived by Ashutosh in early 2016 based on the problems he encountered in team building efforts for high growth startups. He realized that really talented people who can not only visualize solutions but can also deliver under a high pressure, high stakes environment are the foundations of successful businesses in the digital age. In talking to other startup founders, he realized that finding such folks was the biggest problem that they were all facing. They needed to hire non-stop, but there were a lot of misses in their talent acquisition processes that cost them both time and money.

August 2016
Unsatisfactory Experience With Existing Solutions

On deeper analysis, it became clear that the technical hiring process was highly inefficient everywhere (if not completely broken) irrepective of the nature and size of company. Traditional job candidate evaluation methods like phone screening, verbal interviews and whiteboard exercises never proved how a person might perform on the job. Coding tests could be easily plagiarized using mobile phones. Resumes could not be trusted. Live interviews were plagiarized using proxies. Recruiters were not technially qualified to judge developers skills on phone. Internal developers were busy delivering their projects and were taking interviews as a least priority task.

December 2016
Need for a New Solution

Due to it’s inability to predict candidate performance in a real world environment, talent acquisition team was forced to filter candidates on age old heuristics – education, experience and their gut feel. While sometimes team’s gut worked, errors were expensive — delayed product launches, poor customer experience, and unsatisfied investors. The need for an efficient and objective means of evaluating candidates in a manner as close to the real job environment was obvious. While the need was clear, the Risebird founders didn’t have a clear solution.

January 2017
What You Are Seeking is Seeking You

In 2017, the founders got an opportunity to design an early stage skill-based-assessment platform for a large IT Staffing company. They spent a year doing deep research and helped IT company built skill based assessment engine- which ended up predicting accurate skills for 1000s of developers.

April 2018
Journey to Build Next Gen Talent Assessment Platform Began

While successful experiment with IT Staffing company solved some part of problem but a large part of it was still to be solved. With this quest in mind, Risebird was incorporated in April 2018.

June 2018
Launched Expert-Led Talent Assessment as a Service

Risebird got it’s first 100 verified expert interviewers for in-demand technology stacks, built it’s initial MVP and launched it as a video interviews services.

September 2018
Signed up First Customer

Persistent- a Public Limited company. Helped in conducting interviews for world’s largest bank offshore development centre project.

March 2019
Signed up Second Customer- Mphasis- Another Public Limited Company

Helped in conducting interviews for fortune 500 companies technical hiring projects in North America market.

March 2020
12000 Hands-On Coding Interviews Completed

For 50+ technology stacks for many fortune 100 companies in North America and APAC markets.

June 2020
Launched Video-First, Expert-Led Talent Assessment as a Technology Platform With 2500+ Verified Interviewers and 200+ Tech Features

Throughout their product journey, Risebird has continued to build their technology stack and now boasts the only video-first performance based talent assessment platform in the world.

July 2020
Launched Proctored Skill-Based Assessment

A revolutionary method to evaluate the hands-on skills of candidates with real time coding exercises in real work like environments.

August 2020
Launched World’s First Curated Talent Marketplace

A video platform to access high quality high intent talent. Risebird’s goal is to find the best talent for a company and the best company for talent, and provide an excellent experience to both in the process.